Let’s Talk About Stress!

"There are many different kinds of stress or types of overstimulation" and each one is perceived by the body in the same way - a threat to survival that activates the fight or flight system...... During a reflexology treatment, a person moves from the Sympathetic Nervous state to the Parasympathetic Nervous state and that


October – Pro-Touch Awareness Month

Are you missing hugs, high fives, and even handshakes as much as I do? With October being Pro-Touch Awareness month and as we continue social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19 physical touch among friends and colleagues is pretty much off-limits and things can get even more serious if the NPHET

Shops have reopened Businesses are returning

Social Distancing Measures are being lifted much faster than anticipated over the next few weeks. As we begin to go return to workplaces, most of us having been on leave or working from a home office, there

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