Hands on health: An interactive guide to hand reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient, complimentary, non-invasive therapy based on the theory that by massaging certain reflex areas and points on our feet or hands we stimulate the relevant organs and tissues.

When manipulating these areas we stimulate the corresponding area of our bodies to rebalance and self-heal.

During the Covid19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, when anxiety, social isolation and fear of uncertainty have increased anxiety, stress levels and insomnia and in-person reflexology was restricted I’ve developed a unique guided hand reflexology program to help and support my clients.

Over the past months I’ve worked with hundreds of people and have seen how invaluable hand reflexology is in releasing stress, anxiety, improving sleep, concentration, resilience and boosting the immune system.

Integrating these unique, easy to follow breathing exercises will help your mind to let go. The relaxing and stretching exercises can be used throughout the day to release tension & improve mobility.

Massaging the reflex areas as shown in this video tutorial not only calms and soothes your nerves but will improve your hormonal balance, digestion and respiratory health as well as release pains and aches in the skeletal system.

Regular practice can help you to support your health and general wellbeing but you can also use these techniques to support conventional medical treatments.

It is important to mention that reflexology is a complementary treatment and as such it isn’t recommended to substitute medication rather to support its benefits.