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Each reflexology session covers the entire foot or hand

About Us

Reflexology is an ancient, non-intrusive holistic therapy where we stimulate the nerve endings on your feet or hands by applying rhythmic pressure to the reflex areas connected to the organs and tissues in the body. 

By using specific moves and techniques to the feet, hands, face or ears, we rebalance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to reduce your neurophysiological experience of stress and trigger the body to restore the state of calm, improve energy flow, blood pressure and lymphatic system circulation. 

It is based on the theory that certain reflex points correspond to our organs and tissues stimulating the healing process.

This gentle but powerful holistic therapy may bring relief to a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions supporting the body’s natural healing progress and speed up recovery time.¬†

Reflexology is a great way to support conventional medical treatments and improve deep relaxation, release stress and anxiety, circulation, digestive issues, sleep quality. Regular reflexology sessions are known to boost the immune system and promote resilience.

Anita Siegl


My name is Anita Siegl and I’m the owner of Happy Feet Reflexology, Cork.

I am an accredited and registered reflexologist, Hot-stone reflexologist, member of the Irish Reflexologist Institute, Accredited by LAYA, VHI & Irish Life Health Insurance, Tibetan Reiki Level 6 Master, Usui Reiki Master, Mindfulness and meditation facilitator.

I am fascinated and intrigued with the science behind reflexology and meditation – how simple moves and techniques have the power to rebalance and stimulate the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and how our mind and our bodies refresh when we disconnect even for the shortest periods.I believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy the comprehensive benefits of reflexology. I was once part of the corporate world‚Äôs working mothers trying to combine motherhood with the demands of deadlines and projects, being stressed out of my mind most of the time, desperately searching for ways of coping with stress, demands of running a household and being a good mum.The turning point for me was when I read that stress can reduce our mental capabilities by up to 30% ‚Äď and when I could see the effects of my unbalanced¬†state on my¬†daughter.Since then I have come a long way and I’m so grateful for being in the position of sharing my knowledge, expertise and experiences with clients who come to me in person or attend my online workshops.

Searching for ways to relax and ease my mind 6 years ago, I came across Tibetan Energy Healing, similar to Reiki, and have been practising it on a daily basis ever since, achieving a Higher Master Level over the years. While enjoying the benefits of Tibetan Energy Healing myself and seeing how much I could help others, I started researching other holistic healing methods to further my knowledge and once I tried reflexology, I knew it was my path. As soon as I could, I enrolled in the next available National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland) accredited course.

During our studies, we learned about human anatomy, which complimented my knowledge about chakras, nadis and auras, giving me a complex knowledge to help clients mental, physical and emotional wellbeing with reflexology, Reiki or Tibetan Energy Healing.

My clients positive feedback and many referrals are a confirmation of my capabilities and integrity. Since the restrictions of the Covid19 pandemic, during the lockdown I received Reiki Master Level 3 intuation and developed my unique guided hand reflexology workshops where I combine relaxing, stretching and breathing exercises with hand massage based on hand reflexology.