All my materials and supplies are bought from local businesses.

Every euro spent generates twice as much income for the Irish economy, as well as supporting my immediate community.

Energy Efficiency ‚Äď Saving today to survive tomorrow

Every effort is made to limit and continually reduce our carbon footprint:

Natural Resources 

Happy Feet Oasis

Sharing knowledge ‚Äď Community over profit

Happy Feet Reflexology’s founder, Anita Siegl is a member of international networks of reflexologists, business leaders, the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute ensuring our practices are up to date with the latest research and technologies.

Anita recently held a community conversation for Facebook Ireland on Building Sustainable Recovery. 

A conversation about how recovery can open up an opportunity to think about sustainability not just in enterprise models, but also in environmental concerns and the role technology can play in staying environmentally Green and economically sustainable.