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Beat the January blues with reflexology

Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year especially if you aren’t one of my regular reflexology clients.

Organising presents, decorations, dinner and finishing off work especially in a home office setup can be overwhelming.

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Fact is, our hands are precision tools and need to be looked after accordingly. One deeply relaxing and efficient way is our novel Breathe, Stretch and Relax Workshop recently demonstrated to members of the Irish Reflexologists Institute where we combine our most effective relaxing and stretching exercises to release strain in your wrists and hands & our unique breathing exercises for the ultimate workplace wellness experience.

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guided hand reflexology

How to cope with back-to-school stress

Have you seen the queues outside of HSBS during the first weeks of September? No wonder that one of the major stress factors is buying the right school supplies, uniforms, school bags and so on. The list really is endless, especially if your child attends extra curricular activities as well…

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Back to school without stress

Are you dreading the first day of school or are you looking forward to it? 
Are your children looking forward to going back to school or perhaps they are anxious about it?

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Reflexology Treatment


Breathe! Awake or asleep, loud or quietly, slowly or quickly – we are constantly breathing. And most of the time we don’t even realise it!

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Happy Feet Reflexology Christmas Gift Bag

Hand Care at times of Covid

Who isn’t suffering from dry or even cracked, sore hands nowadays? Frequent hand washing, especially if you’re doing it correctly can leave your skin raw and sensitive.

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Reflexology to release stress

Let’s Talk About Stress!

“There are many different kinds of stress or types of overstimulation”

and each one is perceived by the body in the same way – a threat to survival that activates the fight or flight system…… During a reflexology treatment, a person moves from the Sympathetic Nervous state to the Parasympathetic Nervous state and that

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