Handy Tips For Parents: An Interactive Guide To Reflexology for children

As well as receiving crucial therapeutic benefits the techniques shown in this video are designed to support the bonding process between parent and child. Performing the moves at bedtime will create a sense of quality time, fun and a positive experience for both of you.

It is recommended to practice the content of this tutorial every evening for at least 3 weeks to establish a new healthy bedtime routine. 

Our relaxing and stretching exercises are a great addition to adults’ and children’s daily routine. Parents and carers can use these at any time of the day for a short mindfulness practice or just simply to have a break. They are also great as joint exercises with your children – after school, during or before homework. Many schools have introduced these to their wellbeing program. Their pupils had great fun and were much more alert afterwards.

You have full access for a year to this tutorial, so you can revisit any time you wish but I promise you that if you practice for the first weeks you’ll learn the techniques and sequences and will be confidently practicing on your own. 

Don’t worry if you need to rewind and repeat some of the moves. Practice makes perfect.

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