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Beat the January blues with reflexology

January blues can be the toughest times of the year with the hight of the holiday season over, bills coming in and the continued uncertainty we are all facing and can turn into an extremely stressful period especially if you aren’t one of my regular reflexology clients.

Happy Feet Reflexology’s wonderful oasis is reopening tomorrow, the 10th January but I thought I share a handful of my favourite hand reflexology tips that will help you to relax, release tension, anxiety and soothe your nerves.

Take a break and beat the January blues with hand reflexology. All you have to do is follow the tutorials in this blog to improve your mental health. A few minutes per day will make a huge difference and can support you in whatever your new year’s resolution is!

Isn’t working at a laptop a pain in the neck?

Massage the neck reflex area as shown in the video to relieve pain, stiffness, stress and tension.

A huge weight on your shoulders?

Stimulating the shoulder reflex area will relieve pain, stiffness and make you feel relaxed, and I’m not talking exclusively about your shoulders.

Massage the area as shown in the video to relieve stress, tension, improve mobility and get yourself into a relaxed mood over the Christmas break

The Kidney and Adrenal reflex areas can show a lot about someone’s stress levels and how well hydrated they are!

When you are living in a constant stressful situation your adrenals are constantly producing hormones that keep your body in Fight or Flight mode.

Not only is your whole body constantly drenched in cortisol but your kidneys and adrenal can suffer from it too.

Adrenalfatique is a very common condition. So how can you beat the January blues with hand reflexology and how can reflexology help?

By stimulating the Kidney and Adrenal reflex areas we rebalance these organs, we ‘calm’ them so to speak and massaging the reflex point on your hands, so can you!

This blog wouldn’t be complete without the Solar Plexus reflex area.

The Solar Plexus reflex area is where most of us store stress, anxiety and tension. Equally it is an area where you can instantly release these.

That is why it’s such an important reflex point to release stress, anxiety and tension and help you to chill and relax. Massaging the Solar Plexus reflex area before sleep will help you to sleep better and deeper.

Before I let you go, one last tip. Always massage the reflex areas on both hands, try to massage from 3-4 directions and for a few minutes each. If you find any of the above areas crunchy or sensitive to touch, stay on it a bit longer to release congestion and rebalance the organ connected to the reflex point.

If you enjoyed these exercises, you can find out more by enrolling in one of my online video tutorials here

Alternatively, you can book a deeply relaxing and soothing Hot Stone Reflexology treatment where we’ll rebalance your mind, body and soul. If you don’t believe us, read our verified Google reviews from our clients.

Have a relaxed January-Blues-free month and wonderful 2022 where your feet takes you where your heart desires to go.

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