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Shops have reopened Businesses are returning

Shops have reopened Businesses are returning to (a new) normal and so are offices …. at some point.

Shops have reopened. Businesses are returning to (a new) normal and so are offices …. at some point. Social Distancing Measures are being lifted much faster than anticipated over the next few weeks. As we begin to go return to workplaces, most of us having been on leave or working from a home office, there‘ll be plenty who might find it hard to pick up things where we have left off over 3 months ago.

Rugby players wouldn’t go straight onto the field to play a match without training.

Professional golfers wouldn’t just take their clubs out of the garage, tee it up and attend an international competition.

On that note, you wouldn’t attempt to run a marathon without training.

But many workplaces will simply arrive back at work and expect their employees to get into the swing of things without any support or mental preparation.

Will these teams be able to operate to their maximum efficiencies? On a short-term maybe yes but what happens once the “honeymoon” period after the long social isolation disperses?

Will the demands of this New Normal become too much for some?

As a reflexologist, I prefer preventing a condition rather than treating it. Especially if it’s easy to prevent.

Now is the time for employers to make a difference in the way they are supporting their employees mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to differentiate themselves from the competition and strengthen team spirit.

Research shows that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome,  sales by 37%,  productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%* (*credit: The Happiness Dividend by Harvard Business Review)

Research also shows that reflexology and hand reflexology improves mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Employees’ and individuals who attend regular reflexology sessions show significantly improved productivity and accuracy.

Guided Online Hand Reflexology in groups or in one-to-one sessions are easy to integrate into anyone’s weekly schedule. Employees can include their children, which is a huge benefit for everyone trying to combine homeschooling or entertaining children with home office arrangements.

With a significant amount of Irish employers keeping home office arrangements at least on a part-time basis, with no summer camps to entertain children and many grandparents still in relative isolation, joint activities, enhanced relaxing and soothing practices are more important now than ever before.

Book now our online guided reflexology workshop now and enjoy painless, stressless and tantrumless bedtime from toddler age to preteens, bonding with your children, and peace of mind throughout the summer and beyond.

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