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Hand Care at times of Covid

Who isn’t suffering from dry or even cracked, sore hands nowadays? Frequent hand washing, especially if you’re doing it correctly can leave your skin raw and sensitive. I don’t even want to get into the effects of frequent use of hand sanitizing gels.

Unfortunately skipping the above is not an option, we all must continue washing our hands and using the sanitizers.

So what can you do to help your skin?

No 1 – use warm water. From personal experience frequently washing your hands with cold water will more likely cause irritation and dehydrate your skin.
No 2 – include hand care into your daily or weekly routine using organic products with long lasting effect.

And that is why this Christmas we offer an exclusive Pampering Virtual Christmas Party, including a guided hand reflexology session and a unique Irish handmade organic care gift bag that comes with the recommendation of international reflexologists.

Your virtual party includes
– Hand massage based on reflexology using the Hand Rescue Balm
– Breathing techniques to relax
– Relaxing and stretching moves

The gift bag includes a Hand Rescue Rose Geranium Balm, A Foot Rescue Balm and an Arnica massage balm to soothe and revitalise not only your hands or feet and will be delivered in gift wrapping to your headquarters or dedicated address so you can deliver them to your team or clients ahead of the party.

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