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Hello September!

Traditionally the second month of the year when we’re setting new goals, are open to new challenges, and may feel an energy boost.

It is also the host of World Reflexology Week 21-27 September, followed closely by World Heart Day on the 29th September and an important time of the year to boost our immune system before the winter.

You’ve probably seen a lot of posts on social media encouraging you to take up new activities, healthy habits & hobbies, and yes if you’re ready for a new adventure, by all means, please do.

I however would like to concentrate on two less popular aspects:

Sometimes continuing and finishing ongoing activities, persevering instead of starting something new takes more energy than jumping on a new trend. If you feel in need of an energy boost to continue on your journey, why not book a relaxing reflexology session? Regular reflexology will help you boost your energy levels, your immune system and improve your sleep pattern and quality, supporting your body’s balance & natural healing.

And then there is the issue with stopping unhealthy habits, which can be as difficult and energy consuming as taking up new healthy habits, if not more difficult. Reflexology is a great way of bringing your body, mind and soul back into balance. Being in balance will help you to drop unwanted habits with much less effort. My clients without fail report of feeling much better in themselves, eating less junk, drinking less alcohol and feeling overall more energetic. This is one of the positive ‘side-effects ‘ of reflexology, the full scale of benefits depends on how regularly you are willing to enjoy a treatment.

To help you see what reflexology has to offer and to celebrate World Reflexology Week, between the 21 – 27th September Happy Feet Reflexology will offer a number of activities both online and in-person. Keep an eye on our social media and homepage not to miss these amazing events.

Keep an eye out for my next blog about the immune system!

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