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How to cope with back-to-school stress

as many as 60% of parents lose sleep during the back-to-school season in normal years. 2022 is no different.

Have you seen the queues outside of HSBS during the first weeks of September? No wonder that one of the major stress factors is buying the right school supplies, uniforms, school bags and so on. The list really is endless, especially if your child attends extra curricular activities as well…

However 50% of parents lose sleep over the teachers and classmates. Worrying whether their children will get good teachers and make friends.

Not much you can do about which teacher will be allocated but in my experience throughout primary and secondary school, not to mention all my friends who are teachers, they will do their best. All you need to do is support your child’s teacher and their learning journey. 

Whether we admit it or not, our children will make their own friends. There is precious little you can do about it. But you can let them see how you talk to others and they will mirror your behaviour. Enrol them in extracurricular activities they like or suit them. After school activities are great ways to keep the little treasures off their phones and allow them to gain confidence.

After school physical activities, such as sport and dancing are great ways of balancing long hours sitting at their desks, will help them making more friends and most certainly will improve oxygen flow to the brain.

Here are some tips you can always use to cope with back-to-school stress, anxiety and let go of your worries.

  1. Try some deep breathing exercises – as silly as it sounds these are highly effective. You can get your child(ren) to join you as well if you make them into a fun exercise before or after school.

Roll your hands into fists. Take a slow deep breath and breathe into your fists, one fist at the time. I promise you, it will help you all to calm down and anxiety will turn into a giggle and family fun.

  1. Massage the middle of your palm to release anxiety – listen to my podcast and follow the exercise – it is as simple as 1, 2, 3 and highly effective.
  1. Once they are back in a routine, start looking after yourself. I may be biased but reflexology is a wonderful stress release with many more benefits – my clients can tell you more about it if you care to check out my google reviews.

Getting regular reflexology treatment as a mom will help you to cope with back-to-school stress, sleep issues and improve your connection with your child(ren).

As a reflexologist, I also teach my clients simple but effective tips to cope with everyday stress in between treatments although as the therapy progresses they need these less and less.

Another tip I often share with overstressed clients is to soak in the deep relaxing feeling at the end of their session so their body will remember it and they can recall it at times when they are getting stressed.

Stress, even back-to-school stress isn’t what happens around you but how you feel about it – the more relaxed you are the lower the chance that something will threaten your equilibrium. Sleeping well at night and waking up refreshed helps too and let’s be honest we can all do with a good night’s sleep.

Learning how to use hand reflexology can help you and your child to relax, release anxiety and build a special bond. 

Knowing first hand how difficult September is, you can learn my unique tips and techniques at a reduced rate for the month of September. The package also includes my relaxing, stretching and breathing exercises video, which contains a few fun tips and techniques, great for short breaks during long hours of homework.

Check out verified client testimonials to see how other parents and their children benefitted from my workshops.

Book you deeply relaxing hot stone reflexology treatment and enjoy improved health and wellbeing!

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