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Let’s talk about … the Immune System

Your body doesn’t have an organ called the immune system.

The human body itself is an immune system.

A SYSTEM composed of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites & a few human elements too. The last decade discovered the vast universe of what we call the microbiome with two shifting conclusions being ascertained from thousands of research studies:

Neither human immunity nor the human brain work without the interaction of millions of species of tiny organisms that inhabit every niche of our body.

The gut is the center of the microbiome. Every internal organ; liver, kidneys, vascular system, and brain, have unique ecosystems of viruses, bacteria & fungi that maintain balance & function.

The foundation of the gut & microbiome in human health cannot be over emphasized enough.

During a Reflexology treatment this whole unique system is stimulated to help boost circulation and re-establish homeostasis, thereby increasing its ability to protect the body better.

Another important factor to consider when talking about the immune system is stress, as it plays a vital part in our immune function. The fact that stress is related to each and every aspect of our lives is well documented at this stage. As are the positive effects of reduced stress with mindfulness gaining more and more followers.

Reflexology reduces stress and tension throughout the body, thus improving your overall wellbeing, your body’s natural ability to establish balance and optimal function, subsequently improving your immune system while leaving you feeling energised & rejuvenated.

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‘Credit to ZACH BUSH MD via Facebook’

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