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Why do you need more than one Reflexology treatment?

Occasionally I  receive inquiries from people asking for a one-off reflexology treatment and while I am happy to see these clients I always advise them that they’ll probably need more than one reflexology treatment. Possible between 4-6 weekly sessions at least to see real results.

My regular clients are living testimonials of what difference it makes receiving weekly treatments for a few weeks before moving onto bi-weekly or monthly sessions. Some clients love the benefits so much they are coming on a weekly basis even after months and years.

I also have to say that every one of my clients who attended at least four weekly treatments agrees with me.

But why do I (and other reflexologists) recommend more than one Reflexology treatment?

While you will feel the relaxing effect, such as sleeping better and feeling more centered after your first reflexology treatment, it takes a few sessions to break down the feet’s “armour” before I can begin to release blockages.

Body armouring is a well known phenomenon among reflexologists. It is a mental muscular shield of the body, created as a defence pattern and built up by an unconscious desire to shield oneself from pain or trauma. 

Those more experienced therapists know that just because a reflex area doesn’t show congestion during the first treatment(s), there could well be imbalances in the area. It just takes time to reach these imbalances. 

I also find that as the trust between client and reflexologist grows, the shield dissipates after a few treatments and the true healing can begin.

In other words, your feet open up to my hands. Another reason for more than one Reflexology treatment.

I also often compare the effect of consecutive reflexology treatments to peeling an onion – we peel off layer after layer and finally we reach the root cause and can release it. How many treatments you may need, depends on your layers. 

Some “onions” have more layers, some have ticker layers. Some layers come off easily, some take time to peel off. Each of you is as different as your reaction and healing journey. 

But one thing is the same, you will always benefit from more than one Reflexology treatment and you will always enjoy the soothing sensation of hot-stone reflexology.

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That I can guarantee.

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