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We don’t even realise what an amazing organ our hands are until they are injured or hurt. Where is the accuracy of our hands coming from, what can we do to keep them healthy and how can we care for tired hands especially in the (home) office?

Our hands are extremely fine-tuned organs. There is not a single spot that doesn’t have a function. In every square inch there are blood vessels, nerves, tendons and bones.

The tasks of our hands are extremely diversified. On one hand (pardon the pun) we are moving them e.g. when gesticulating but we also put pressure on them when we lean on them, lift and hold things.

Our hands are also important to our social interactions. They connect us to the world in more than one way, and since the beginning of the lockdown, this has increased even more.

We type emails, messages and use them to express ourselves when masks are hiding half of our faces.

All the more important to look after them and avoid injuries, overstraining and accidents with some handy tips for your hands.

Using computers, laptops and smartphones without breaks can cause serious injury to our wrists and hands, the so-called repetitive microtraumas. A repetitive strain or repetitive stress injury will only show up over a long period of time and is a gradual build up of damage.

My top handy tips to avoid RSI damage 

  • Hold your wrists in a comfortable position when typing – this can help minimize the damage. 
  • Regular stretching and strengthening exercises are a great form of relaxing, training, and strengthening our hands – that is why Happy Feet Reflexology now offers a novel Breathe, Stretch and Relax Workshop Online or in-person where we combine our best relaxing and stretching exercises to release strain in your wrists and hands & our unique breathing exercises for the ultimate workplace wellness experience.

Overstraining our hands causes in most cases tenosynovitis, but in extreme cases it can cause cysts or carpal tunnel syndrome. Every one of these will reduce mobility and accuracy, not to mention the pain.

Carpometacarpal Joint Arthrosis is age related, and is a form of osteoarthritis which develops at the base of the thumb causing pain and feeling of pressure – good news is, diagnosed on time, it can be treated with exercises, physiotherapy and antiinflammatory medication.

Many of us will be affected by Dupuytren’s Contracture in which one or more finger’s bend towards the palm – I’ll be honest since I heard of these, I’m even more focused on regular hand stretching and strengthening exercises.

We all have various inflammations of different areas of our hands and wrists. These should not be overlooked. Treated on time, they can be cured.

Contrary to most inflammations Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease and needs specialist treatment. 

Fact is, our hands are precision tools and need to be looked after accordingly. One deeply relaxing and efficient way is our novel Breathe, Stretch and Relax Workshop recently demonstrated to members of the Irish Reflexologists Institute where we combine our most effective relaxing and stretching exercises to release strain in your wrists and hands & our unique breathing exercises for the ultimate workplace wellness experience.

Employers who offer workplace wellness send a clear message that staff wellness is a priority and can expect to see positive results, including higher productivity, and a more positive attitude among employees.

To book your free discovery call click here: https://HappyFeetRreflexologyCork.as.me/call/
To get a feel of the ambience we create during our workshops click here: Happy Feet Reflexology Cork Relax in 45 seconds & intro.

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