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Sip Your Way to Bliss with this perfect Bank Holiday Weekend treat: 

Unleash the Refreshing Magic of Elderflower Cordial for your Perfect Bank Holiday Weekend Wellbeing and optimal hydration in between reflexology treatments!

Let’s dive in and explore the captivating world of Elderflower Cordial, where taste meets rejuvenation, and each sip becomes a delightful escape from the mundane – just as our hot stone reflexology treatments do.


Embark on a sensory journey that combines tantalizing flavors and holistic wellness as we uncover the captivating world of Elderflower Cordial. This blog post not only reveals the secrets of this delightful drink but also emphasizes its significance in providing optimal hydration for reflexology clients. Get ready to sip your way to bliss and enhance your bank holiday weekend experience like never before!

Elderflowers are full of flavour and can be found in abundance everywhere in Ireland, and are recommended to be picked on sunny days – that should be no problem right now. When the sun is shining and the weather is glorious, like lately, staying hydrated becomes paramount. And what better way to quench your thirst than with a delicious and beneficial drink like elderflower cordial? 

However, before you dive in, a word of caution for hay fever sufferers—wait until the elderberries are ripe in late summer or early autumn and use them for a delicious elderberry jam instead. I learned this the hard way two years ago when I figured out that my homemade elderflower cordial triggered my hay fever symptoms for the past few years – ouch! But fear not, reflexology, and especially hand reflexology came to the rescue and I got away scot free. However, I’m staying clear regardless of how much I crave the taste of Elderflower cordial…

The Marvels of Elderflower:

Elderflower is not just a delightful flavor; it also brings an array of incredible benefits. Packed with bioflavonoids, elderflower boasts antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Moreover, it aids in lowering blood sugar levels, functioning in a way similar to insulin. Isn’t it amazing how one simple ingredient can offer so much goodness?

Easily Available and Irresistibly Tasty:

One of the best things about elderflower is its accessibility in Ireland. You can find it abundantly across the country, allowing you to enjoy its flavors and benefits effortlessly. Whether you stumble upon elderflowers on your walk or venture into the countryside to gather these fragrant blossoms, the reward is well worth it.

The Elderflower Cordial Recipe:

Now, let’s dive into the recipe and create your very own elderflower cordial. Before we begin, ensure you have a clean plastic bag and comfortable shoes on hand for gathering the elderflowers. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 30-32 clean elderflowers (gather them on a sunny day for maximum flavor)
  • 2 organic lemons and/or oranges (washed and sliced)
  • 300 grams of sugar (adjust to your taste, the original recipe suggests 500 grams, but I find 300 is plenty)
  • 0.5 liters of water for syrup + additional water for soaking flowers


  1. On a sunny day, carefully gather 30-32 clean elderflowers, ensuring they are free from dirt and pollutants.
  2. Place the elderflowers in a container, cover them with cold water, and add the sliced lemons (you can also experiment with orange or satsuma slices for added flavor).
  3. Allow the mixture to soak for 24-48 hours, allowing the flavors to infuse.
  4. Once ready to make the cordial, prepare the syrup by mixing water and sugar. Heat the mixture until the sugar completely dissolves.
  5. Sieve the elderflower and lemon-infused water, then blend it with the syrup you prepared earlier.
  6. Pour the resulting mixture into bottles and store them in the refrigerator. While it never lasts long in my household, you can enjoy the cordial for up to a week.
  7. Pro Tip: Freeze some cordial as ice cubes, adding a refreshing twist to your water whenever you desire a taste of fresh elderflower lemonade.

Indulge in the delightful flavors and countless benefits of elderflower cordial. With its availability and delicious taste, it’s an irresistible treat that can elevate your wellbeing.

So, gather those elderflowers – it’s such a fun family activity too – prepare the cordial with care, and embark on a journey of savoring this refreshing cordial. Cheers to your Bank Holiday Weekend wellbeing and creating happy memories! PS. it is also a lovely idea for #FathersDay accompanied with our #giftvouchers. Just saying…🥂

And if you’re suffering from hay fever, don’t forget to check back here in September for our favourite recipe of the most delicious and healthy elderberry jam!

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