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Tips to keep (your feet) warm in your home office

For everyone working from #homeoffice this winter the main challenge is to keep (your feet) warm without excessive heating costs. 

Many of my clients are working from their home office at least part time. While they thoroughly enjoy their hot stone reflexology treatments and luxuriate feeling the hot stones on their feet especially during the winter – back at home they do feel the cold. 

As a Hungarian living in Ireland I have had to come up with some tricks to keep warm, particularly as I felt cold for solid 4 years after moving to Ireland. Some of these tips are evident for me. 

So much so that not until the recent energy crisis and keeping warm without incurring horrible bills jumping to the top of topics in the treatment room did I realise how helpful these can be – even if some may be obvious. 

And that is why we also wear a pair of crocs or alike around the house. For those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis a pair of shoes are a must anyway – here you can download a free pdf on how to relieve the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis.
But let’s stay with the socks for a minute – if you are wearing socks that are cutting off circulation, it will not matter how fluffy or how thick those socks are. Your feet will still feel icy cold. So bear that in mind when you’re shopping for Christmas presents…
Cold feet may also result in #urinarytractinfection so keeping your feet warm and toasty is not only good for your comfort feeling (and purse 🙈) but imperative for your overall #wellbeing and #health.
Healthy #circulation is a major part of well-being and here comes my
Number 2 favourite tip to keep (your feet) warm in a home office
Go for a brisk walk – you don’t need to walk 10 thousand steps in one go. Often a 15-20 minute walk will increase your body temperature and regular walks are helpful not only for your circulation but for your mental health and also for your energy levels.
While we’re on the subject of circulation here is my next but obviously absolutely favourite tip to keep (your feet) warm:
There’s no better, more #luxurious, deeply #relaxing way to improve your circulation, while being totally pampered and indulged, than an hour of gorgeous #hotstonereflexology and you don’t even have to walk!
Hot stone reflexology will not only improve your circulation, warm up your feet – and therefore every part of your body – but also helps with sleeping issues, digestive issues, releases toxins and improves energy flow. It is a wonderfully soothing, calming and at the same time revitalising treatment – according to my clients, the best form of looking after yourself.

When you arrive at Happy Feet Reflexology, we take you to the treatment room through our little oasis – attention, you need to climb a few steps – but that’s where the strenuously ends. Once in the treatment room, you take off your coat and shoes and take a seat in our Zero Gravity Reflexology chair. While listening to wonderful relaxing tunes, we cover you in a warm, fluffy blanket, just like your mom used to when you were a child and cover your feet in a clean, warm, heated towel.
During the treatment, which is a combination of hot stones and traditional reflexology moves, you can drift off or chat away – every client is different and everyone releases tension and blockage in their own way. 
You never know, we might even chat about our favourite tips to keep (your feet) warm in your home office!

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